Eating should be simple.

Everyone has to do it every day, so why is it so hard to know what to eat? And when you do find a new healthy recipe, why does your entire family say “Ew!” and want to climb under the table? Going on a diet feels very restrictive and gross, and let’s be honest, doesn’t work anyway. Instead, wouldn’t you like to be rewarded for building healthy habits?

What if we turn healthy living into a game?

Instead of subtracting points, calories, or macros each time you eat (even healthy foods), what if you earned points for the good things you do? What if instead of having the focus be on limiting calories and eating less, we put the focus on eating more of the right foods? What if you could feel satisfied and happy because you are nourishing your body for the long term and making a complete lifestyle change? And hey, how about we learn what is actually healthy to put in our bodies along the way? That sounds pretty amazing!

Here’s the low-down:

For each healthy choice you make, you will earn points. For example, did you have a salad for lunch? That’s awesome! Upload a picture of it and you get 20 points. You did yoga this morning? Fantastic, upload a pic of you in your yoga gear and you get 50 points! There are lots of ways to earn points, and each will also make you feel fantastic. Win-win! You will then be able to cash in these points for prizes. What prizes? Good question! The prizes are always changing, but they will include¬†great cookbooks, exercise equipment, my favorite workout DVDs, and even seed packets.